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Zkorm's Guide to Melee Only

Want to learn more about melee fighting in combat arms? This is a detailed guide on how to shank,slice,dice,and chop up your foes.
Table of Contents

1. Introducing myself
2. Weapons
3. Basics
4. Shifting?
5. Advanced stuff
6. You vs. the World

1. Introducing myself

Ok, so first, I'm going to introduce myself by showing you my skills. It's not that I want to be a show off or anything, but I want to make sure you know that there is a lot of stuff you can learn from me.

As you know already, my name is Zkorm, I'm in the 3rd place of most kills with tomahawk in Combat Arms, and I use a tomahawk for EVERYTHING, example: Pistol Only, Sniper Only, All Permitted, etc.

Actually I made a tomahawk montage:

2. Weapons

Combat arms has a really good variety of melee weapons, even the NX melee weapons aren't that overpowered. NX can't save you here, you are by your own. Lets take a look at the weapons:

M19: Being a default weapon, this is a great choice for: noobs, pros, spammers, and hackers. The best way to use it is by combining both right and left clicks. Also this is the best choice if you are fighting any other weapon that isn't melee.

Sickle: This weapon is really good if you like spamming; however, sometimes it won't deal enough damage to kill an enemy in 2 hits which makes it really annoying. This weapon is NOT good for beginners unless you are gonna spam it (Which wont make you as good as if you time your attacks).

Bowie Knife: This is a really gooood weapon, it's fast and you are guaranteed that 2 hits will kill your opponent, oh and by the way, don’t use the right click.

G.I. Shovel And Kukri: These are really good choices if you are introducing yourself into the melee weapons. They can both kill in 2 hits and they are not as fast as M19 or Sickle which will force you to aim and time your attacks. A good player with any of this two weapons, will most likely defeat a sickle player.

Tomahawk: This "hammer" (As some people like to call it) is WAY too slow, also, you need 2 hits to kill your opponent; however, one attack can deal up to 80 damage, so if your opponent was hurt by anything else, be sure 1 hit is enough. Use it until you learn enough from the G.I. Shovel and the Kukri.

Ninjato: This weapon is the strongest from all melee weapons (Strong enough to kill with 2 hits and faster than tomahawk), however, for shifters it doesn’t really matter that much.

3. Basics

First, lets define what kind of players you will find:

Spammer: This guy won't stop clicking the left button of his mouse, sometimes spamming is really effective like If your opponent has low hp or in an all permitted game, BUT most of the times, a spammer will only kill noobs.

Experienced Player: An experienced player is the one that will time their attacks and will aim for your head, and experienced player will ALWAYS defeat a spammer and he will only spam when required.

Shifter: Shifters are the strongest of all, many people call these people "noob" or "glitchers" which is totally wrong, I'll explain this point later in this guide; but for now you must know that a GOOD shifter will ALWAYS defeat an experienced player.

Now lets talk about equipment you need, so just remember this:


You need speed for both escaping and chasing; as you must know, AP doesn't matter when you get hit by melee attacks, it goes completely ignored. So start forgetting about heavy vest.


RUN. Time = Kills

Where to aim: Head, try predicting where is your opponent going and "preswing" your weapon to hit him in the face; since you now know this, remember that jumping and crouching will help you a lot.

There is not that much basics in melee weapons; its better to start practicing Yes

4. Shifting?

What's Shifting? Delaying an attack and releasing it at the exact moment you want it by pressing shift (sprint) right after making the attack; whenever the button shift is released, the stamina runs out, or the animation of the attack ends, the attack will be released.

Before giving you a strategy about shifting, you must know about the whole debate that is going on:


You have more control of your weapon which makes you better at knifing.

If shifting was gone, then you would be able to hit and run at the same time which is even more overpowered.

Shifting takes skill, it's all about timing.


Shifting takes no skill

Shifting is cheap

You are better without shifting

There are LOTS of shifters out there and you can notice how some are better than others; why? Because it takes skill.

Nexon hasn't officially called shifting with melee weapons a glitch so you are safe. If shifting was removed, then we would be running and hitting at the same time which would take even more skill.

So remember:

If you are not shifting, you won't make it to the top. That's the truth.

If you are still not sure of what shifting is, go ingame and bring a granade, click the left button once and start sprinting, you'll see that the granade is not coming out even after releasing the button, what stops it from coming out is the sprinting button, whenever you stop sprinting or the stamina goes out, the granade will be released. Now try this with a knife and there you go, that is shifting.

5. Advanced stuff

This will teach you how to shift and what tactics to use with it.

1 Hit kill

All weapons can do a "1 hit kill" which actually is just giving all the hits needed at almost the same time, which makes it look like a 1 hit kill.

Lets start by using a 2 hit kill weapon like Tomahawk, G.I. Shovel or Kukri.

What you are gonna have to do is this: Click the right button of the mouse and sprint just enough to delay it right before the 2nd attack, this will delay only the first attack and will decrease the time between the first attack and the second attack, making it look like a 1 hit kill; REMEBER:

If you are pressing shift after see the 2nd hit animation, you are doing it wrong.

If you can only hear 1 slash, you are doing it wrong.

If you delay both attacks, only 1 attack will come at the end, the attacks DO NOT STACK AFTER THE 2ND HIT ANIMATION.

Delaying both attacks is a different tactic called long shifting. YOU CAN'T STACK BOTH HITS FOREVER, ONLY BEFORE THE 2ND ANIMATION, IF YOU GET TO THE 2ND ANIMATION (while shifting), WHEN SHIFT RELEASED, YOU WILL ONLY RELEASE 1 ATTACK. (that’s long shifting).

There is a way to do the 1 hit kill with the M19:

In this case you are gonna click the right click which is a stab, and you will have to do a Long Shift, (read below) be sure to delay it as most as possible so you can end it with a left click right away after ending the animation of the right click.

Easier: Imagine you are not shifting, you are gonna do a right click and then a left click, NOW, by using the long shifting you are gonna delay the right click attack as close as possible to the left click, REMEBER: SHIFTING MEANS DELAYING ATTACK, JUST DELAY THE RIGHT ATTACK AS LONG AS POSSIBLE AND END IT WITH A LEFT CLICK. The result must be 3 hits really fast enough to make it look like a 1 hit kill, 1 stab and 2 slashes.

Long Shifting

Now, instead of delaying only 1 attack, you are gonna delay both, which will only give you more time to release 1 attack.

By doing this you have more control of your weapon, but remember, releasing shift isn't the only way to release the attack, you could also run out of stamina, or the animation could end. Weapons with bigger animations give you a longer time to shift. Also faster weapons can do the 1 hit kill more often but have a shorter shifting range.

Being a good shifter requires both 1 hit kill and long shifting regardless of what weapon is being used.


Spam if:

1. You are playing in an all permitted game
2. You know your opponent has low hp (remember you can't see ppl's hp while carrying a knife)
3. You don't really know how to use a knife


6. You vs. the World.

In my opinion, m19 and tomahawk are the best weapons when playing ALL PERMITTED.

M19 is really fast, you can just finish off your opponents by slashing once dealing between 35 and 40 damage, this is a great option because some players are really weak and hitting them once is not a problem.

Tomahawk is really good also because it can deal up to 80 damage! meaning that if your opponent was hit by something else, its more probable that he will die by 1 hit.

I said this already but I got to say it again: AIM TO THE HEAD.

When playing OMA with Melee only, you need two things: RUN and AIM HEAD.

Most of the stuff you need to learn you will learn it in game, so go ahead and try it.

One last thing: Running with sharp objects may result in an accident ;P

This guide was totally made by me, Zkorm, you can add me ingame to have some fights ;D


Anonymous said...

hey right on Zkorm, its fist. you made top 3 congrat's ;)

Anonymous said...

sooooooooooooo... is shifting basically a really fast two hit? like with ninjato when i tried i just hear two really fast attacks with right click?

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I will add you. -BlueDuctTape

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I wanna sex you up but I will leave my name anonymous

woopyy said...

Ok thats nice I wonder how long are you useing shifting? and how did you find out about it.I learned about it in my firs 1-3 matches :D that was in my first day of playing ca ^^

Anonymous said...

this guide is shit, im a experienced NON shifter, and i find that even against the best shifters out there, i can down them for every time they down me, AT LEAST.
also shifting IS an exploit/glitch, but this guide is old so it probably wasnt considered so back then =/

Anonymous said...

well shifting is pretty good if your a beginner

Anonymous said...

i love the sickle when it comes to shifting

Anonymous said...

"this guide is shit, im a experienced NON shifter, and i find that even against the best shifters out there, i can down them for every time they down me, AT LEAST.
also shifting IS an exploit/glitch, but this guide is old so it probably wasnt considered so back then =/ "

Seriously man. Get a life. He worked really hard for this.

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