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iShootHeads Top Secret Guide To Completing Extreme Cabin Fever

In case you haven't noticed, Combat Arms now has a new, and very fun gameplay mode. Because this new mission "Cabin Fever" was just released not to long ago, I wanted to help you guys out by posting a guide on how to beat cabin fever on extreme. This guide was written by iShootHeads.

Table of Contents

I. Preparation

- Party

- Weaponry

- Equipment

- Pickups

- Knowing your Surrounding

- Knowing the Enemy

II. Unlockables

- Round 11

- Round 13

- Round 16

- Round 18

- Round 20

III. Tactics/Strategies

- Keep Out (Main Defence)

- Lure & Clear (Rarely Used)

IV. Sustaining Self Survivability

- Outside Routes

V. Notes/Tricks/Tips

I. Preparation

First of all, you can’t overcome a problem without preparing. Preparation the most important key to success in this game mode. Imagine playing fire team equipped with only one assault rifle and one sniper, along with four members who have no experience with combat arms. Doesn’t sound good now does it ?



Extreme mode is just as it says; extreme. You will need a full party that consists of eight group members. These eight members should have major experience and be well-known with this game mode. They also must be able to defeat hard. Most members should be equipped with machine guns. And the most important factor of all ; they must not leave during the game.

The worst team I can think of is having a party of four members. Each equipped with the standard assault rifle and no second weapon. All 4 members are a beginning rank, and do not know how to play this game at all. Oh and they can’t even beat normal and choose to leave after first few rounds.



We all have our own special gun that can own anyone. Well that doesn’t matter right now. It’s all about ammo. Quantity over Quality. It doesn’t matter if you have a two-hit-kill gun with only ten bullets. It’s much better to have a gun that can kill in 10 shots that has 200 bullets.

- Assault rifles are okay to have in the game mode. It is good for spraying close up and also it‘s not that hard to find ammo pickups. It most definitely isn’t the worst considering it normally has 120 bullets max. G36E is my top pick for assault rifles because of it’s highly magnifying scope. Two shots in the head using a G36E’s scope is a kill.

- Submachine guns aren’t good for starting off rounds. First of all zombies spawn fairly far from the entrances, submachine guns are meant for close up gunning. The only time I would use a submachine gun is when my other members have all died , and I’m left spraying and praying & running and gunning.

My first choice would be PP19 because of it’s large clip wielding 65 bullets without having to reload long.

Machine Guns are used in literally all extreme cabin fever games. A clip holds 100 bullets and an extra 100. They are used to spray a lot of times when the infected have swarmed the house. They save you from having to constantly get ammo packs outside the house. Most players have two machine guns, some including myself use three machine guns. There are also a few nexon buyers or high rank players who use 4.

Shotguns play little role in getting closer to success. They take up too much time to reload, and the only time you can one-hit-kill is if you get a really clean shot right in the face. The only shotgun that I would use is the Golden Double Barrel Punisher, that is unlocked later in the rounds. It can one-hit-kill even using only one barrel at a time to the chest.

Sniper Rifles are literally useless. “So ? I get a lot of kills/headshots with my sniper” your probably saying. Well then I’d like to see you go up against 20 zombies close-up with your sniper only. Snipers are only good for the first 10 or so rounds, after that it’s worthless. No sniper other than the L9 Super-Magnum is a one-hit-kill to the chest of a normal zombie. Snipers have a terrible amount of ammo, considering that you won’t get headshots with all bullets.

Explosives/Support Weapons aren’t as good as they seem. No grenade is a one-hit-kill to an infected unless that infected has been vastly damaged. Mines don’t help much because you only have 3 per round and your team mates may shoot it or step on it by accident. RPGs/LAWs are worthless. None of them are one-hit-kills and neither have enough ammo. Incendiary/gas won’t help much since it takes time for it to do enough damage. Two grenades are better than one, get the frag pack.



Equipment won’t help as much. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to buy some. It’s not about damage protection, since zombies don’t aim for your AP. Also speed is another useful factor that may help.

- Hats/Helmets won’t benefit you much. Get the beanie, or military bandana. The black beret is fine too. Protection hats are not recommended because it’s utterly useless.

- Light Vest will help. The added speed helps you escape close up zombies. Also it helps you get pickups outside quicker burning less health. Heavy Vest/Balanced Vest is a no-no. It slows you down and gives you no added defence because AP has no role in this mode.

- Advanced Backpack/Utility Backpack play a big role in this game mode. Without it, your stuck with only two weapons to use. The more the better.

- Face Gear is useless. The gas masks don’t work in here. And there’s no need for more protection.



We all need ammo for sure. Imagine playing the game mode without any health pickups. Most pickups disappear after approximately 45 seconds.

- Yellow Pickups provide ammo for assault rifles and submachine guns only. Plenty of yellow pickups are dropped by zombies.

- Red Pickups provide ammo for shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even give you another grenade if you used yours up. These are rare but not hard to find one. They are dropped about 30% of the time.

- Green Pickups/Med-kit/First Aid replenishes all your health lost. These are rare and drop about 10% of the time. Share it wisely. Don’t be a hog over them.


Knowing your Surroundings

You are in a abandoned house that has a basement, and a second floor. You are restricted from going down in the basement or up in the second floor for the first several rounds. Outside is basically a large empty lawn with a lot of large puddles. Stepping outside causes you to breathe in toxic air dealing damage to you. About 1.5 per second.

The ground floor has three main entrances that the zombies enter. A double door, a wooden door by the kitchen, and the broken wall by the basement door. There are several windows used to shoot zombies without having them to walk towards you to deal damage. The kitchen there is basically an area used to camp at if the zombies have entered the house.

Beside the broken wall is the basement door. In the basement there is a light switch, a weapon box, a room with stairs that lead outside, and a bunch of pipes. Zombies spawn in four areas here. The two holes on the ceiling, the pipe room, and the stairs leading outside.

Across the double doors is a fence blocking the stairs that lead to the second floor. The fence will be broken by a bunch of zombies. Upstairs, there is another weapon case, a balcony, a room, and a washroom. There’s not much here, except that it clears up pretty fast and can be used as a base when the zombies stop spawning.


Knowing the Enemy

Now the zombies here are different from the zombies in quarantine. There are four separate kind of zombies, each with their own special skill. The health I put up is an estimate and the damage done is normal(not reduced like in quarantine). The sense range I’m going to talk about is when you get into a zombie’s sense range, it will start running towards you.

Normal Zombies are quite easy. They have about 200 health. 15 bullets is enough too kill them. Two bullets to the head too. They are slow and sluggish and their sense range is very small. You start battling these guys right in the beginning. Their special skill is the ability to be able to group up and mob you and surround you. These guys are only dangerous in numbers. Their damage is very low at around 5 hp per strike.

Dynamite Zombies can be a big pain in the ass. Their sense range is far greater than that of a normal zombie. They have slightly more health at around 250. They move slightly faster too. They will get annoying if you let them corner you, as killing them is suicidal. Kill these guys before they get too close. Their special skill is the ability to explode when defeated and hurt you. The explode radius is very small though.

Assasin Zombies is the most annoying. Get even a little bit too close, and they’ll start running towards you. Their health is around 300. They resemble pretty much a figure of a girl and are thin. Their sense range is large, so watch your back if your running and gunning. Their special ability is to release three eyeballs the size of a head and explode. The explosion radius is extremely tiny though. They do a lot of damage for one swipe with it’s hands.

Hauser the Infected, yes the infected version of hauser(in my opinion). These annoying blue zombies boasts in strength and damage. They have about 500 health which may take a while to kill. 15 headshots is enough to kill it. It only takes 3 in the head if you use the L9 Super Magnum. Though, it’s sense range is the same as that of a normal zombie. It moves quite slow so you should take it out before it enters the vicinity. His special ability is that after you destroy him, he leaves a temporary toxic fume and drops purple ooze. The fume and ooze do a lot of damage. Stay back.

II. Unlockables

Round 11- A cutscene goes on showing Hauser destroying the basement door along with his other zombie mates. You are now allowed to go downstairs into the basement. Colonel Coleman states that there is a weapon downstairs. Go down clear the area and grab the L9 Super Magnum in the wooden box. Now the L9 is a superior sniper. It is a one hit to any zombie in the chest except Hauser and the assasins. This is a one-hit-headshot to normals, dynamites, and assasins. A 3-hit-headshot to Hauser. Take care of this sniper, as it is the only sniper unlock able in the game mode. The person who is pro at aiming should take this.

Round 13- Colonel Coleman tells you that there is another weapon down in the basement. At the end of round 12, camp at the wooden box until the M32(grenade launcher) appears. Grab it as soon as you see it and run up to ground floor. This M32 is packed with twice the grenades on the original nexon M32. Use it for clearing mobs. It is a one-hit-kill if you explode it directly underneath a zombie. This unfortunately doesn’t do much damage to Hauser. The person who has experience/doesn’t go suicide should take this. Another alternative is the person who always dies last should pick it up just incase mobs grow.

Round 16- Another cutscene goes on and this time a bunch of zombies on the second floor come down the stairs to break the fence. The second floor is now unlocked. Wait until the spawns stop in the second floor and then grab the Golden Double Barrel Punisher. What amuses me about this shotgun is that it does a one-hit-kill to a zombie even if you just shoot one barrel(left-click). Another great feature that this shotgun has is that it can one-hit-kill Hauser if you get a perfectly clean shot(like literally perfect) in the head with a double barrel shot(right-click). The person that doesn’t get hit a lot and knows how to aim right in the head.

Round 18- If I have my rounds right, the air strike designator is unlocked here. It is at the same area that the golden double barrel punisher was. To use it first aim with it’s scope then hold the left-click and wait for the bar to stop loading. A bunch of jets fly in and release some deadly explosives around the area you designated. Save it until a big mob forms outside. It does not work inside the house so don‘t waste it. Use this wisely. It works about once per round. A person who actually knows how to use this air strike designator, and also when.

Round 20- Last round you unlock the mini gun. It is where the air strike designator was at. Pick it up and use it wisely. Be proud when using this gun because with this, no mob can destroy you. I recommend you do not use this on single enemies, only on humongous large groups. I say the person who dies the least should pick it up. The person who has the most health should grab this.

III. Tactics/Strategies


Keep Out/Main Defense

This is the most used strategy of them all. For the first 10 rounds, 2 guards stand at each door killing the closest or most dangerous zombies first. They must ensure that no zombies enter the building. The spare 2 members are there to aid the guardians in need of battle. It’s that simple. After each and every round the guardians must hold their positions. No fooling around as it may cause minor problems. If all is done well and right, the first 10 rounds should be easy and boring.

Starting at round 11, things will be harder. Hauser(s) will start spawning now. Now that the basement is unrestricted, the two spare members are now assigned to guard the basement. Basement guardians must make sure that no zombie will get up those stairs, and broken wall guardians must ensure that no zombie enters. Without doing so may cause death to the other guardians. If Hauser enters the building, it’s the guardians’(who let him in)duty to kill him before he starts killing unsuspected members. The person who grabbed the sniper, can go around looking for Hauser and killing him by aiming point blank at his head. But this sniper should have his guarding area cleared first. It is recommended to stop dying at this part and on because most upcoming recoveries do not give you full health. Keep this up until round 13.

Round 13 grab the M32. Use it to clear large mobs. I recommend not using it on Hauser as even 6 grenades isn’t enough to fully deplete his health, it just leaves him at a very low hp. Members who need the M32 backup should ask for help when needed. Don’t just let them in because you were the only guardian at your area; ask for help. Continue doing what you were doing before until Round 16.

Round 16 zombies will start spawning in the second floor now. From here on out, you’ll want to have 2 people per main door, and 1 person per unlocked area. So that means one person cover the stairs, the other person covers the basement. The person who is covering the stairs can run up and lure the zombies back upstairs. He can grab the Golden Double Barrel Punisher to easily clear the vicinity. After guardians have cleared their area this is when they can run around and help those who are having trouble. Remember no zombie must enter the ground floor. Keep this up until round 18.

Round 18, the person who is guarding second floor can go up and grab the air strike designator. Before using it he should first kill all the zombies spawning in the second floor. When done, he can stand in the balcony and look around for large mobs of zombies. Scope and aim and wait. Jets will destroy all the zombies close to the designated area. Continue to survive and destroy until round 20.

Round 20 is the easiest round of them all if you grab the mini gun. The upstairs person shouldn’t grab this because he’s been hogging all the weapons spawning here. The person with the most health should grab it. Also, he he must survive and know how to use the minigun, and also when to use it. If all is done you have completed extreme mode in cabin fever.


Lure & Clear(Not used often)

The main idea is to get them in the house, and then destroy any zombie that has entered the house. This isn’t used as much but I have been in games where it has. Normally you would start using this tactic in the last 7 rounds(13-20). The M32 is the most important in this tactic. What you want to do is wait for the zombies to enter the house, kill them. Once there are too many zombies, the person with the M32 will clear them out with it. I’ve been the person with the M32 before, and I’ve earned at least 30 combo. Your friends want to be the ones luring them away from the M32. You could also have some other friends shooting Hauser down. Keep this up until round 20 and your done.

IV. Sustaining-Self-Survivability

Are you dying too much ? If so, I have created this portion of the guide especially for you.


Outside Routes

You may not think it, but using outside routes is fine. Just cause going outside and your constantly getting damaged doesn’t mean it’s game over for you. It’s better to constantly lose health outside, than to stay inside getting swiped by a large mob of zombies.

Just to the right of outside the broken wall, there are stairs. These stairs lead to the basement, this is a second alternative than using the stairs in the house. It only takes a minimum of 2HP if you’re really fast. Take this route when you are driven out by a mob of zombies. It’s better than running into the mob trying to escape because you’re going to get hit by all those zombies, rather than just losing little health by little outside. But be careful, the door in those outside stairs is closed for the first 10 rounds.

There’s a technique that some pros use past round 16. Clutchers like to do this(a clutcher is somebody who takes on several opponents by himself to bring success to his team). First wait until a mob picks up on the ground floor. By then, the second floor should be cleared up. Stand at the door beside the kitchen and wait until the large mob slowly walks towards you. Once they get too close, run as fast as you can and take the outside route to the double doors and run straight up the stairs. For a few seconds camp at the second floor, and destroy any zombies that have entered the second floor. Once the amount of zombies is too many, get on the balcony and jump off it. Literally, jump off. Once you land, get inside the ground floor immediately. Now all the zombies are packed upstairs. Kill the ones that come down. Eventually if you repeat this process, you will survive and slowly diminish the amount of zombies there is.


The Pipes

Downstairs in the basement, the pipes by the barrel seem to be glitched. If you stand on the pipes, and if you do it right, the zombies will not be able to hit you. What some people do here, is wait until all the zombies gather in front of them. When done, they kill them one by one. Most people say that this area is terrible because the zombies are right in front of you and explode. Though, I did try this glitch and apparently the explosives caused by zombies didn’t do much damage to me, or maybe none at all too. The problem with this place is that some zombies do manage to be able to hit you. So be careful, and Hauser’s toxic fume is lethal here.

V. Notes/Tricks/Tips


- Cooperate


- Share pickups especially health


- Don’t rush down at round 11 just for the sniper. Clear it out first.


- Dying and recovering will cause you to have low health. Unless recovered on round 2 , 11, or 16.


- Don’t block doorways for your friends


- Check your radar!


- Watch your back


- If a person clutched, that means the people who are now revived are most likely have to survive another round with critical health


- Don’t knife the Dynamite zombies


- Abuse their “walking stationary” form


- Zombies cham, don’t hide


- Last but not least, have fun

By: iShootHeads


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Gas masks DO HELP AL0T in cabin fever. Even the basic gas mask (mk1, need SFC3 rank) almost HALVES the poison damage taken outside. the nx variant, Chemical gas mask, takes 1 hp per about 3 seconds..= can like stay outside for a nice while with 50hp

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