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Loldog's Guide to Quarantine Mode

This guide is written by Loldog from the nexon forums.

Hello world! Welcome to my guide for Quarantine mode. Here, I’ll teach you some basic things about winning as a Human and also as an Infected. So let’s get started!


I. Getting Started – Picking the Right Gear

II. Getting to Know the Map

III. Simple Tidbits of Valuable Knowledge

IV. How to Win as a Human

V. How to Win as an Infected

I. Getting Started – Picking the Right Gear

I’ll get straight to the point: bring at least one Machine Gun. It doesn’t really matter which MG you bring, just be sure to bring at least one. I also like to have a Fast Loader Mag on it. Really, 80bullets is enough to keep you going for a good amount of time while letting you reload quickly. As for secondaries, any pistol is fine, but you might want to pick one that has a big magazine, like the M92 or the G23. For your melee weapon, it doesn’t really matter, because most of the time you won’t be using it. For your support slot, bring either a fire nade or the frag pack if you can get it. The reason why I say fire nade is because it constantly does damage,and a good amount of it too. Normal grenades do about 20 damage, I believe.

My load out is as follows:

Character: Viper

Primary: Any MG with a Fast Loader Mag

Secondary: M92FS

Melee: M11 Tactical

Support: Frag pack or fire nade

S1 slot (Specialist slot): Flamethrower

If you can get the flamethrower, by all means,get it! It is amazing at killing the infected. However, if you do decide to use it, don’t focus on flaming them so much that nobody is shooting at them with a normal gun. The main thing that is bad about the flamethrower against the infected is that it does not push them back. So make sure when you use it,someone is shooting at them at a slow and steady rate, or you are behind cover(like in one of the safe rooms). See video as to why flamethrower is so effective:

Also, make sure to get speed gear, like the Light Vest and Beanie / Bandanna / Black Beret. I like using Viper because she is speedy and has more stamina than the normal character.

II. Getting to Know the Map

Here is a diagram of the map with my favorite place to camp in blue:

See those two green dots? Those are the two places that I camp in before the host infections are chosen. Why? On the left dot, you can easily seethe office (that’s what I call the room in blue). If a host spawns there, you can make a quick getaway or wait until he gets out of that room. On the other green dot, you get a nifty view of the office as well.

You can easily tell if a host has spawned there if someone’s name tag disappears.

So what should you do if a host does spawn in the office? You can either:

1. Wait until the host leaves the office

2. Stand on the ledge on the right (the one with two gaps) and shoot them if they jump at you (I’ll get into knowing when to shoot later)

Once the office is clear of infections, quickly occupy it(preferably with a teammate with an MG). I find this room one of the easiest to defend. If you are by yourself, you will most likely be infected if the infected know what they are doing.

Here is another diagram with a lot more markings.

Here is what every marking means (by the way, don’t mind all the dots with the little lights coming out of them).

The purple X’s are the spawn points.

The yellow boxes are the “safe rooms” - the rooms that open at1:00.

The blue, again, is my favorite place to camp.

The green, red, and pink dots represent humans and infected in a typical situation. The green dots are humans camping in the office. The red dots are infected that are a threat, and the pink ones are infected that do not pose a threat (yet). Do not shoot at any infected in the position of a pink dot. That would be wasting precious ammo.

Also note that when the safe rooms open, there is a switch on the wall right next to the door that locks it. The switch can be activated by looking at it and holding E for about 1 second. The safe room on top is blocked by metal bars, and the safe room on the bottom is blocked by a glass door. Both obstacles can be broken by the infected. I do not believe that you can break the bars as a human, but you can break the glass door as a human.There is also a window you can shoot through at the bottom safe room. Once you get inside, be sure to lock it, and stay away from the bars, glass door, orwindow. The infected CAN hit you through them.

III. Simple Tidbits of Valuable Knowledge

- The two safe rooms open at exactly 1:00. There is an alarm that rings 10 seconds before this, so make sure you can dash to one quickly.

- I try to close the safe room doors ASAP. Don’t want to risk getting everyone infected just to save one or two teammates.

- Crouched infected do NOT move. Do not spray atone and waste all your ammo.

- Infected do not take fall damage, so don’t be afraid to jump.

- Infected have plenty of stamina, so do not be afraid to sprint.. for really long durations of time..

- Usually at around 1:00, almost all the infected will try to infect the humans at the office. If you are at the office with a large group of people, try to ninja past the infected and get into thee levator safe room.

- When to shoot: when the infected are running or jumping towards you, NOT when they are crouched or on a ledge far away. (It’s kind of hard to put it into words, I may just have to make a video about it)

- There are three breakable panels on the map.

What I have found is that they break after 4-5 knife hits. Now, if you needed to make a quick getaway, they would take too long to break. What I try to do is hit them 3 times or so, then when I’m running from the infected,shoot the panels so that the infected fall down. It has won me a round as human once.

IV. How to Win as a Human

First of all, your main goal is to get into the office and secure it with a teammate or two. Once that is done, each person needs to cover one and ONLY one side. I see way too many groups focusing on one side because it has a crouched infected on it, while another infected just waltzes in the other side and infects them all. It is critically important that both sides are covered at all times. The easiest way to let time run is to hold your fire until the infected pounce at you. When they jump at you, shoot a few bullets at them so that they fall down into the water below. This saves you ammo. Basically, keep doing this until 1:00. When the safe rooms open, get in to one ASAP and then stay away from the door / window!

If you are at the office safe room, do NOT shoot the glass door. If you still have grenades, throw them out the side window. Do not focus on shooting them through the window if you have a MG because they most likely will not die. However, if you have a flamethrower, this is the best time to use it, as long as you stay a good distance from them.

If they break the glass door, do not panic.Quickly take out your MG and continue to shoot them back. There should be about15-20 seconds left. If they do get into the room, just run around bunny hopping like crazy or run out of the room and hide.

If you are at the elevator safe room, do not shoot with an MG until they break the bars. If you have a flamethrower, by all means, burn them!

That’s pretty much what I try to do when I’m a human. It usually works if there aren’t any idiots on the team.

V. How to Win as an Infected

I don’t even think I need to make a section for this. It’s extremely easy to win as an infected. However, if the humans are smart, they may be able to win sometimes.

Your first goal is to make sure you infiltrate the office and clear it of any humans. This is the easiest spot to defend as a human. If the office is full of humans ready to shoot at you, do not bum rush into them. This will only waste more time. What you want to do is pretty much a surprise attack. Hide for a few seconds, then sprint onto the ledges and get as far as you can. Once they start shooting at you, crouch, and do not move. Now what you want to do here is wait. Yes, wait. Wait for a time to strike, such as when they reload, or look away. Possibly the best time to strike is when the safe room opens, and they all swarm into it. Just make sure to give chase to any human that tries to escape into the other safe room.

That’s it! I hope this guide has helped you, and I thank you for reading this guide! If you want to play with me, I usually goon Kilo.



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Not bad, i like the quarantine mode so this helped me a lot

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ur a really good player i can tell, and i cant wait to meet u on combat arms playing against the infected. i take all ur advice and good luck.

Username: GameKing101

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thanx! i already knew a lot of this, but this can really help all those nubs who keep letting zombies in the safe room!

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