Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOGL Sneak Peak

In a few days, the WOGL combat arms league will begin. Here is the scoop:
The Moment of Truth Has Arrived

We are glad to proclaim that our regular season for Combat Arms Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag will begin in just a few short days on Jan. 18th and Jan 21st. There is a large array of intriguing match ups this week. All season long we will be keeping an eye on the battle for divisional supremacy and keeping you informed & up-to-date on the matches, players, techniques & evolving game play. Later in the season it will become clear which teams will have the higher cedes heading into the playoffs, but lets not get ahead of our selves, here is a quick look at week 1 SnD.

Headlining our week 1 match ups will be a highly anticipated show down between eXecution B and Here 2 Own. Don't let the "B" fool you, eXecution, a recently formed team, has the amount of talent to field 2 championship contenders and week 1 will be a test of chemistry as many of the players are not familiar with each others play styles and tendencies. Talent alone does not win you matches and although H20 has their fair share, they also bring an experience advantage over execution having played together during the WOGL pre-season. H20 finished the pre-season with a flawless 4-0 record in Search and Destroy and eXecution's members also enjoyed success in and out of WOGL on their previous teams: Keyboard~Cowboys, imAgine, and Clutch Gaming. This match is truly too close to call so please check it out LIVE on Monday January 19th at 9pm est. (subject to change) For team interviews heading into this broadcast please visit the interrogation room.

Dont be surprised by some of the unfamiliar names on the schedule as there has been several team break ups, merges, and name changes recently. Nemesis, formerly "Core Gaming", looks to have a fresh start against Blueburn Brs in week 1. Blueburn is hungry for revenge after losing to Core in a preseason CTF match.

Some other off season news is the dismantling of pre-season favorite n3 gaming. Members of n3 have disbanded and some are representing the newly formed Left Click as they make their debut against Foul Souls.

Toxik Bullets will be facing a defining moment as they are looking to prove they are even stronger with the loss of some core members during the holiday off-season. They will be facing new comer -Eternity- who looks to make a splash in their WOGL debut.

Procore- Pro and Procore- Core also did some shuffling of their rosters during the short break after pre-season. They plan on fine tuning and rebuilding chemistry as well as they face veteran Brazilian team Rangers and new comers Righteous Domination respectively.

For the complete season schedule and all the week 1 matches please visit our Combat Arms SnD League Schedule.

We're looking forward to an exciting regular season and and we wish everyone good luck and enjoy the thrill of competition! It will definitely be a long and surprising journey in our quest in finding out who the best legit Combat Arms team truly is.


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