Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/14 Patch Notes - New Winter Game Mode: Snowball Fight

The patch has been released, here is the scoop:
Happy 2009, soldiers, and welcome to the start of a new year for COMBAT ARMS! The holidays may be over, but the war goes on! Winter is still here, so for the first January content update, we've got a frost-bitten new game mode called Snowball Fight just for the season. We've also got two new rank weapons to complement the veteran soldier's arsenal.

New Winter Event Game Mode: Snowball Fight
(available for a limited time only, from 1/14 - 3/18)

We've got a brand new way team-based game mode that gives "killing in cold blood" a whole new meaning. In "Snowball Fight", you and your squadmates will arm yourself with specialized snowball weapons to freeze the enemy. Frozen players cannot move and will begin calling to their teammates for help. If you get to them first, take out your shovel and smash them to pieces to perform an Ice Crush! An Ice Crush is the only way to kill your enemy and reduce the enemy's spawn pool.

You can also use your shovel to release your frozen teammates from the ice before they get smashed by an enemy shovel. Unfrozen teammates will be able to return to the fight without using up a respawn for their team. Remember, all players on your team share the same respawn pool... and the more you save your fellow teammates, the more likely it is that they'll be there to save you! Saving a frozen teammate will also restore a small amount of your own HP.

Winning a Snowball Fight

Each team has its own respawn pool with a limited number of respawns for all team members. Every kill via an Ice Crush reduces the other team's respawn pool by 1. If your team's respawn pool reaches zero, no one else on your team will be able to respawn. To win, your team must reduce the other team's respawn pool to zero and then crush all remaining enemy combatants.

This event will only be available during the winter months so play before the snow melts!

New Rank GP Gear!

-- SG 550 Assault Rifle (at Master Sergeant 3 Rank)

SG 550

-- Saiga 20K Shotgun (at Command Sergeant Major 2 Rank)

Saiga 20K
Other Updates

-- Hack protection has been increased (certain hacks have been disabled).
-- Hit detection for close-range and melee weapon attacks has been improved.

We've got quite a lot of things in the works for 2009. Stay tuned in the coming months for some announcements on major changes to Combat Arms!

-- Combat Arms Command --


Anonymous said...

Think they screwed up with the hit detection

shotguns some times don't do any damage
and it takes like 6 shots to kill someone

everything worked fine before the patch

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