Saturday, January 3, 2009

Global Warfighter League

I just found some info on a new combat arms league that seems pretty interesting. Check it out below:
Global Warfighter League
is proud to open competition ladders for Combat Arms!!

We welcome all players of the game Combat Arms to come and compete against each other at GWL to see who's REALLY the best team playing the game.

We've introduced 3 ladders to Global Warfighter for teams to compete on that reinforce representation of skill in a "King of the Hill" ladder format.

5v5 - Elimination
5v5 - Capture the Flag
5v5 - Search & Destroy

Teams are asked to read all the rules regarding each competition ladder before joining... and all players on those teams should familiarize themselves with the rules of any ladder they play on as well.


GWL can be found at

The ladders are set up in "King of the Hill" for mat as mentioned above. This means you can challenge any team above you, and be challenged by any teasm below you. Obviously, the point is to gain and hold the #1 spot for as long as possible. All matches are permanetly recorded, and your team recvieves a Win/Loss permanent record, along with earning "Skill points." You win, you earn way more, especially against the highest ranked teams!

Let me say the there is strict no glitching/hacking at all permitted in GWL competition. You catch someone hacking, get screenchots or a video, and they will be delt no mercy, and, of course, will auto-lose the match. Any hacking disputes/reports require conclusive evidence, and will be delt with by the game staff: TripHammer, mojoadam, and DudsBro

As a final note, ingame clans are not required, but encouraged. You can pick up 4 friends and creat a team on the GWL site if you wish. Teams are set up with a clan ranking system, wich specific pemissions for each level.

Join the compettion and have fun!

=SotG= DudsBro
GWL Combat Arms Ladder Manager
Xfire: dudsbro


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