Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spray VS Control

This is a guide written by UnholyReaper on how to use weapons most effectively in combat arms. It explores the advantages and disadvantages on different styles of firing your weapon. If you don't already know these things then reading this will greatly increase your skill! You can contact the author via AIM by clicking here.

I suggest a strong weapon, because if you actually are able to hit them, then you want that shot to count, right? Here are my suggestions:

G36E: I chose this because it has decent ROF and awesome power. You may think "Hey, sprayers don't use G36E because only the pros use that!" but that's not necessarily true. G36E is one of the most popular sprayer weapons because they can hold on shoot when in scope and it will take about 1-3 secs to whoop. It's recoil is very good and is less than the AK-47.

FAMAS: This is wonderful over great distances, you can practically snipe if you attached a scope. The power may not be that great but the recoil is slim to none. It'll take about 3-5 shots to kill but that's pretty good considering it's everything else it has to offer. Although a scope is a good idea, IMO it doesn't really require one.

K7: A beast in CQC. It can unleash it's secret weapon, it's ROF. It can take about 3-5 shots to kill but because of it's ROF you can imagine yourself shooting up the battleground, so for this you may need a bit better accuracy for spraying guns.

I don't know how to but this any other way but "Controlled Soldiers"

These are the type that can think before they shoot and can calculate when to shoot, they usually save a lot of bullets. If you're a sprayer it would be better to get up to this place.

AK-47: If you can control your shots then this is a wonderful pick. It isn't my best pick for myself but others can really know how to apply this on the battlefield. It's very strong so you can kill someone in 2-3 shots. Very effective over long ranges with a scope as well. It's pretty versatile.

AUG-A1: You may be thinking "What?", but just listen up. This is a very powerful weapon, not as powerful as the AK-47, but it has a good amount of fire-power. It's scope has an O.K recoil amount but it can get slippery if you don't know what you're doing.

UMP: This gun is used by many and I don't blame them. This was one of my favorites. One of the defining factors is you can really switch from an AR type person to a SMG person. I found it feels much like an AR and is very light. It's ROF and Power don't really give it's key factor, it's its portability. You can move around the field a bit slower than if you had a grenade or pistol.

Bigger Pistols: The reason I picked the name for this kind is because they people usually choose the type of guns that are single shot. They are very strong and accurate but one of the hardest players to be. I'm saying this because you don't just hold on click, you have to keep clicking. Also you have to time your shots more than any other guns. They're very bad at CQC but can be a snipers best friend. I can't really compare the two guns because I never used them. If you want to know what they are they're M14 and K2.

- UnholyReaper


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