Monday, December 15, 2008

My Tips

Combat Arms Tips

These are my recommendations for winning in combat arms, just some basic strategy. They belong to this website, please do not post them at any other website without my specific permission.

  • 1. AIM, point and shoot is pretty basic but I find most people do not aim correctly. Try as much as you can to keep your crosshair on your target.

  • 2. Use cover, hide behind things like barrels and boxes or whatever is around you. As you reload try to dodge enemy fire by going behind stuff.

  • 3. Strafe, don't stand still because you just make an easier target. Try to move around as much as possible while still keeping your aim steady on the target. Keep your movements random to confuse the enemy so that they cant predict your movements and kill you easier.

  • 4. Frag grenades and mines are way better then the nerve gas and incendiary grenade. Hope that when you buy that supply case you don't get that lame nerve gas grenade. What a waste of GP!

  • 5. On large maps, use your primary weapon along with a secondary sniper rifle. Use the weapon that fits the situation. To pick off people from afar, use the sniper rifle. If your near someone, use your primary weapon.

  • 6. Learn how to time your pistol shots correctly and you could be firing a semi-auto pistol like its an automatic. This takes a little time to get used too, but after you master it you will notice the difference. When playing pistol game only games, remember that pistols don't have much ammo at all. Buy a better backpack so you can carry more pistols to use whenever one runs out of ammo. The G23 and K5 are my top 2 pistols because they have very high fire rates.

  • 7. Grenades can be thrown to bounce off walls, over objects, at your feet as people chase you, around the flag, in common places people camp, in suicide missions when your out of ammo and see a group of people... get creative with grenades as they are very useful.

  • 8. Record yourself playing with video recording software like fraps, go back and study the video to look for improvements you can make in your skill.

  • 9. Study maps, get used to the ends and outs. Explore the map until you remember it very well so that you can run backward while jumping over obstacles, tossing grenades and getting headshots.

  • 10. Try out different guns and find the ones that work best for you and your playstyle. Find the best ways to make fast GP so you can buy weapons and stuff.


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thank u that was very helpful even tho i knew most of the stuff =)

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helpful but sort of obvious

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