Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Record Videos In Combat Arms

Ever wanted to know how to make those videos you see people posting on youtube? Want to make a video of you killing everyone, setting off a mine on your friends face, or something along those lines?

  • 1. Download fraps, video recording software.
  • 2. Install the software, and then run it.
  • 3. Minimize fraps to the toolbar so its out of the way.
  • 4. Run combat arms and you should see a yellow number in the corner of the screen. This is good and means it is working.
  • 5. If it isn't working, try again, or try to run it after you load combat arms by pressing alt+tab to minimize the game.
  • 6. When you know its working, press F9 on your keyboard to record the video and press it again when your ready to stop recording.
  • 7. When your done, close the game and open up fraps.
  • 8. When fraps is open, click on the movies tab, then click the blue button "view". From here you can see your saved files, watch them, or load them into video editing software to edit them. Then you can upload them wherever you like on the interwebs. :P


Anonymous said...

I found that if you run FRAPS right after the hackshield has scanned, it'll open up 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...

weres the fraps link?

Anonymous said...

ima go do this rite now!!! hope it works if it dies ill msg back and say thanks if its doesnt ... your mean

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

the download link is there dude you juste need to go on the fraps link then you download it its so easy man

Anonymous said...

thats coolbut every time i press alt + tab my game stops responding any fixes for this?

Anonymous said...

how do i make the volue louder when i record?

Anonymous said...

do u have to pay for it

Dawson said...

OKay. Awsnering some question,

The Software is free.

To make your voice louder when you record, you need to ajust the volume level to whichever you are recording to. I have " Sony Vegas Pro " And " Camtisa Studio " Both bot. " Sony Vegas " Has great and wonderful detailed editing. " Camtisa Studio " Has great and wonderful recording, and basic editing.

If you get disabled from pressing alt+tab, than, next to the LEFT ALT key, there should be a thing with about 4 tiny square like thingys. If you press one of those, you will see in combat arms, icons will show up at the bottom of the screen. Click one, and it will minimize Combat Arms, then when you're ready to go back into the game, just click the Combat Arms one.

I hope I helped, i9'd rate this software 9/10. Have a great day!

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