Monday, December 22, 2008

Combat Arms League Information - WOGL

Looks like one of the first combat arms leagues is now opening its doors to registration, think your skilled enough to join in? Read more details below, and find links to sign up.
We are glad to say we had a successful pre-season weeding out some hackers, fine tuning the rules, and getting a better feel for what the Combat Arms community is looking for in a competitive league.

Registration for the regular season of World Online Gaming League's Combat Arms - Capture the Flag & Search and Destroy is now open, and will run through Friday, January 9th 2009. The first regular season Search and Destroy match will be held on Sunday, January 11th 2009 with the first regular season Capture the Flag match being held on Wednesday, January 14.

There is a 10 player per team limit, but we wish to give everyone a chance to compete and encourage larger clan to register multiple teams (i.e Team Alpha, and Team Bravo). While the divisions are assigned at random we will do our best to separate the sister clans for the regular season.

You will be forced to register another account to participate, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We believe everyone will be happy with the multiple chances and formats in which you and your clans can compete, and will find the added features of this system will be exciting and rewarding for everyone. With the new league system it is extremely important that clear and visible screen shots are provided of all halfs played in your match thread.

You will notice some changes to the sites header navigation bar. The "League" button will now take you to the league, and the Ladder will take you to the old system. Over the next few days all stats will be getting reset, and we will restore the ladder to its original form. Everyone will be free to participate in the ladder, and the stats will be reset with each season. Matches played via the WOGL ladder system are to be played adhering to the WOGL equipment and rules standards. - League Registration - Ladder Registration

Thank you for your support, gl hf, and happy hunting.

WOGL Staff


Over 80 teams have signed up representing over 800 members.


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