Friday, December 19, 2008


A lot of cheating is currently going on in Combat Arms. Nexon is working to patch these cheats/hacks to make things better. Please be patient while they work towards this goal. Remember that no game is 100% safe from cheaters, but I'm sure things will get better soon.


gam3r said...

i hate hackers

Anonymous said...

i hate hackers too , they need to get some real skills to win , not cheating , cheating is so bad

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hackers are hard-up losers that can't play the game right.

Anonymous said...

Well that note was posted Dec 19 2008.
Hackers are still going strong. Just look at the web sites dedicated to hacking this game.
I gave up Medal Of Honor for this reason. EA didn't address the problem. Now I'm giving up on Combat Arms for the same reason.

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