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Brushwood Guide

This combat arms strategy guide is written by Ppl104 from It is very well organized, very well written, and very detailed. Ppl104 is definitely one of the best writers currently in the CA community. It is masterpiece guides like this that I love to see!


Created by Ppl104


Brushwood is a foggy, tropical forest, confusing, smallish size map. It can lead to some of the most fun and surprising games of CTF or Elimination. In this map there are plenty of places to camp and snipe without being seen, as well as many places to defend your base. On this map you can really be stealthy. Snipers as well as medium to close can be used on this map making it a very versatile map. Brushwood is truly a fun map, and anyone of any skill level can have fun on it.


Map description:

Brushwood is a small map, about the same size as junk flea just a little wider. It has fog which limit’s how far you can shoot with a sniper rifle. The alpha base is under a hill with two exits, and the bravo base is behind a tree. In the middle of the map there sits a destroyed Military airplane with many places where you can hide, snipe, and camp. There is lots of vegetation, which makes it hard to see grenades or mines. There are plenty of ways to get across the map, which lets you be able to sneak from place to place. The 2 flag points are right in front there teams bases. There is a ledge that is on the right side of bravos base which you can go up onto and snipe. You can snipe on top of the plane and get a good view of each of the bases. Alpha team has a slight advantage because the ramp to the plane is on there side, but that is only my opinion.


Map tips:

These are just some tips that I found help me fight and get more kills on this map, I hope these help.

1. Snipers are very effective on this map, and you can get many kills by just sitting in one place.

2. Mines can be hidden very well on this map, because all of the undergrowth tends to hide, and camouflage the sensor.

3. Shotguns can be used effectively on this map, because you can easily sneak up behind other players.

4. Rushing into there base can lead to you getting a lot of kills or you being killed on spot, the outcome depends on how many people are coming with you and the amount of snipers.

5. In CTF plant mines below your flag, because your enemy will never see them, and it will keep them form getting a point.

6. The G36E is probably the most useful gun on this map because It can snipe while you can also fight against foes in mid range.

7. If you need to just jump into a bush where you can hide camouflaged perfectly.

8. It can take time to get good at brushwood, but if you master it you can get many kills on it.

9. The blatant sniper spots should be avoided because the other snipers could kill you
before you even reached cover.

10. The fog on this map can limit the range form which you can see snipers so always keep moving when your attacking a enemy.

11. CQC guns are not very useful in brushwood, so it is recommended that you avoid using them on this map.

12. Highly Portable silent guns can help you a lot on this map.

13. In CTF once you get the flag switch to grenade (or if you don’t have grenades, switch to pistol) it will make you run a lot faster.

14. G36E’s are probably the best gun you can use on this map because of its good accuracy and recoil.

15. In OMA fast firing CQC guns can be very useful because this is a very small map.

16. When fighting remember where you are, lots of people fall off the airplane accidentally while fighting thus killing them.

17. Don’t use knifes on this map, even though you can be very stealthy, on this map more then likely you will be shot by someone before you get near your victim.

18. It is hard to hear footsteps on this map, so you should use a headset or earphones.



These strategies are just a few of the many that have been developed, and they can be more effective in different game types, and maps.

1. Sniping: Sniping is a extremely useful strategy on this map. All though fog limit’s the range of which you can shoot, you can still get a good amount of kills, staying fairly hidden.

2. Rushing: Although sniping may make it a little bit hard to rush, it can be useful when infiltrating the enemies base. A smoke grenade may help with rushing but you don’t always need one.

3. Planting (also called mining): You plant mines in highly traveled exits and entrances, hopefully some player will step on one of them killing them. On brushwood this is a very effective way to kill players for the fact they cant’ see the mines.

4. Camping: Camping in brushwood is very common. If you camp in the right places, you will never even be seen or killed. There are plenty of places to make yourself disappear making this strategy destructive.

5. Teaming: When you do teaming you pick a player or a few players, and you all fight your enemy together staying close. This strategy can lead to a lot of kills, though, you can all be killed with 1 grenade or a well aimed LAW rocket so watch out.

6. Sprinter: When you are a sprinter, you wear items such as light vest, black beret, weapons with very high portability, and military bandana. This strategy is extremely useful on CTF, and it can help you get multiple touchdowns.

7. Juggernaut: Get a high powered guns, and weapons like UMP, G36E, Sniper Rifles, High powered grenades, mines, and Rocket Launchers as well Heavy Vest, Gas Masks, Helmets and Large backpacks. After you have a very powerful inventory you simply run into highly populated enemy territories, and you kill as many people as you can before you die.

8. Kamikaze: Similar to Rushing, but almost guarantees your death. Simply Rush into an area full of enemies, take out as many as you can and drop grenades, or mines as your are moving to take any anyone who chases you as you try to escape.

9. suicide: basically it is kamikaze, the only difference is you drop as many mines as you can in the enemies base, and then you through your grenades and wait for them to explode while you fire at the enemies making them waste the 3 second invulnerability. Hopefully they stay in there base, and when all your grenades, and mines explode you get a lot of kills.

10. Bombing: you throw your grenades into the air in the direction of your enemies base hoping that it will land, and kill some of your enemies. It can get you a few kills in brush wood because it is a smallish map.

11. Defender: Buy a heavy vest, and a very powerful gun (like a shotgun, or a ). You wait at your base, until a enemy comes near, and you ambush him. This is most useful in CTF or one man army.

12. Flashing: To do flashing you grab flash bang grenades, and smoke grenades. You throw one or both of them, and then you rush into where you threw them, then you kill everyone there with any gun you have on hand.

13. Rush and retreat: You pretty much do rushing, but after you kill a few people you run back to safety, and camp for a little while killing anyone who comes near. Then you repeat the same process over again.

14.Weakener: Hurt as many people as you can until you die, to let your team get more kills easier. You don’t get many kills with this strategy, but it can help your team a lot.


Game Modes:

In Brushwood, there is only 3 game modes at this time. They are Elimination, OMA (one man army), and CTF (capture the flag). In this section I will try to describe how they are played on this map, and some useful strategies to use in each one.

Capture The Flag: Is the 2nd most common one to see being played on this map. The planting strategy can lead to a easy win, if you do it right. Sprinting is also another important strategy that can get you a few easy touchdowns. If you snipe be prepared to not get many kills because everyone will always be moving.

Elimination: Brushwood on elimination can be a fun, exhilarating experience. Many of the strategies can be used effectively on this mode. Sniping is one of the most effective ways of fighting in this mode. Rushing, and juggernauts can be very useful to your team, as well as bombing your enemies.

One Man Army: One man army on this map is pretty much never played due to the fact that it is very hard to get kills, and also that almost everyone just hides in a bush hoping not to be killed. If you are going to be playing this I recommend planting, and also rushing strategies.

S&D, and Spy hunt are not currently available for the map brushwood.


Hidden areas/ camping spots:

The wall: Around most of the course there is a wall of vegetation in which you can phase through, and hide in, although it almost impossible to snipe out of, or really even fight out of.

Under the plane: under the left side of the plane(if your coming form the alpha side of the map) There is a small pocket where you can snipe at the 2 openings at the bravo base.

The Bamboo bush: Right behind the alpha flag point there is a bamboo bush which you can hide in, though it is somewhat hard to get out of it can make for a great spot when your playing defense in CTF.

Bravo base fence: On the right side of bravos base on top of the fence you can walk into the wall, and sit there and snipe without any of your body sticking out.

On the planes tail: On the left side of the planes tail it is covered in the leafs of a tree. you can see out of it but people can’t see in which makes it very good spot to kill people for alpha team.

The tree by the plane: Once you walk up to the top of the plane there is a tree which you
can jump into where you can snipe at bravos base. This place doesn’t give you the best
place to snipe though.

Tree by The Tail of the airplane: The fallen tree by the side of the plane you can climb,
And you can fire onto the alpha base. It does make you a easy target to hit, and if you fall
of it you will die.


Recommended weapons:

These are only recommendations, which means Its only my opinions, so you don’t only have to use these guns on this map.

CQC (Close Quarter Combat):

P90: A super fast firing gun that can be very destructive when you are in your enemies spawn point.

Ump: A fast firing, with high power for a SMG. IT is very portable and is probably the best gun to get for use in brushwood while fighting in close ranges.

Mac-10: The fastest firing gun in the game. It can be used while fighting inside enemies bases, but otherwise it is pretty much useless.

Medium range:

G36E: A very common gun used by many players, if you have mastered it you can also easily snipe out players with its scope.

AK-47: A good gun with many mods which you can add to it to make it perfect for this map.

FAMAS: Not used very often but it is a fast firing gun with a okay power amount. It is very good for rushing.

Long range:

L96A1: a classic sniper with 1 hit kill. It can only shoot 1 bullet and then it has to reload, so it is important to make sure you hit dead on.

SR25: A good gun which is a 2 shoot kill and it can shoot 10 bullets until it reloads. It is very useful on this map.

M24: A powerful 1 hit kill gun that has unrivaled accuracy, it is very accurate which can come in hand in combat.


Mine: Mines can get you a lot of kills on this map because it is so hard to see them, so it is recommended that you use one. Watch out for your own mines, because if you step on one you die.

Sickle: This weapon is very strong, but you can’t travel as fast as you can with a regular knife. The sickle does a lot of damage, and is virtually silent making it a perfect weapon to sneak up on a unsuspecting victim.

Anaconda Black: This pistol is a 2 hit kill, and it shoots 6 shot clips then you have to reload. It is extremely loud so aim to kill. It is probably the G36E of pistols, yet almost no one uses it.



Hopefully my guide is helpful on your quest to master Combat Arms. I spent a long time on this, and I added as much as I could to it. This is my 3rd guide, and I plan to make one for each of the maps that have been released as well as the ones that haven’t. I hope this helps and I would love to give a special thanks to everyone that offered to help. Go ahead and post anything that you think should be added to my guide. I tried to add as much stuff as I possibly could, and add new sections to make my guides more complete. My next guide will be on The map Warhead, so start Private messaging me any tips, pics, or anything you think should be in In my next guide. Finally, Thank you everyone at Combat Arms HQ for your support and tips.



Abbreviations glossary:

These are just some of the abbreviations I used in this guide.

CA: Combat arms

OMA: One Man Army

CTF: Capture The Flag

S&D: Search and Destroy

SH: Spy Hunt

Elimi: Elimination

CQC: Close Quarter Combat

Brush: Brushwood

Strat: Strategies

What an awesome guide, hope you guys enjoyed it.


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I would say that the k2 on burst mode can overpower the g36e...
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m24 is 2 shot kill now

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