Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12/16 Patch Notes

Happy Holidays, soldiers! With the 12/16 patch for December, we’ve got quite a big bag of Christmas goodies for you! It’s a frenetic game of cat and mouse that turns into a sudden death match of many versus an 800-lb. gorilla with the new game mode “Spy Hunt”! We’ve added female base characters to the mix of soldiers to choose from when you start an account, as well as two new “hidden” characters! You can now send Black Market items as gifts to fellow combatants – nothing says you care like a gold-plated AK or a deadly mercenary!

New Game Mode: Spy Hunt

Our new game mode is finally here! After some additional time in development, the originally announced “Bounty Hunter” mode has evolved into “Spy Hunt”! In this mode, players must compete with all other players to be the first to collect 3 Intel Cases scattered through the map and become the Super Spy. As the Super Spy, it’s one versus all as the Super Spy must race to upload the completed Intel at the Spy Transmitter while all other players stand in his way!

Each game of Spy Hunt has two phases. In the first, all players start on the Mercenary team and scramble to collect all 3 Intel Cases that are distributed throughout the level. Once a player picks up an Intel Case, he/she becomes a Spy. Mercenary players can also hunt down and kill Spies to take the Intel they’re carrying. Players who are Spies will no longer be able to see their former Mercenary teammates hunting them, but can see the location of other enemy Spies. Spies that are killed will drop their Intel case and respawn back as a Mercenary.

Once one Spy collects all 3 Intel Cases, he/she becomes the Super Spy and the game enters Sudden Death (no respawns)! As the Super Spy, you’ll have a new mission – and gain access to the M134 Minigun, the M136 Rocket Launcher, and the RMS12 Flamethrower! All other players must work together to take down the ultra-powerful Super Spy before he/she can upload the stolen intel at the Spy Transmitter.

For more details on this game mode, click here.

Elite Moderator

Want the experience of hosting your own private Combat Arms “server” where you make all the rules? Now you can, with the new Elite Moderator NX item! Being an Elite Moderator (EM) allows you to immediately kick any abusive player from a game that you are moderating.

With this power comes the responsibility to use this kick ability to improve the game experience for all players. Whenever an EM kicks a player, all other players will be able to vote on whether they agreed with the kick; this vote will permanently affect the EM’s rating as a moderator. Players will be able to see which game rooms are moderated by Elite Moderators by the “E” bubble icon next to each room number. A green “E” means that players have agreed with this Elite Moderator’s kick actions; a red “E” means that this moderator has made some unpopular decisions.

Gifting Function

‘Tis the season for giving, and Combat Arms has added a gifting feature just for the occasion! Now you can send any Black Market item as a gift to a friend – simply click on the item, and choose “Gift” rather than “Buy”! Enter your friend’s character name to complete the transaction and your gift will appear in the recipient’s inbox. Please note that Gifts can only be purchased with Prepaid NX (NX charged from Prepaid Nexon Game Cards).

From now until the end of the year, you’ll also have a chance to be rewarded for your holiday generosity! Every gift you send will earn you a chance to gain the same item for yourself.

New Female (and Hidden) Base Characters

Need a change of face for a change of pace? We’ve added four new base character models for you to play as – two available upon character creation, and two “hidden” characters!

Now when you create a character, you’ll be able to choose from 6 base characters: the 4 original male soldiers, and 2 new female soldiers!

The other two new characters (one male, one female) are only available through the Base Character Change or Gender Change NX items.

New GP Gear!

-- Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle (Rank Staff Sergeant 1)

New NX Items & Gear

-- Kamara -- Female Heavy Merc
-- Dragunov Black (Rank Staff Sergeant 1)
-- L96A1 Arctic Wolf
-- G36E Valkyrie
-- SCAR-L Trispear
-- M60 Steel
-- Tiger Stripe Camo Uniform
-- Santa Beanie (Rank Private)
-- Xmas Backpack

Other New NX Items

-- Elite Moderator
-- Gender Change
-- Base Character Change (Updated with new characters)

Other Updates

-- Waverider map glitch has been fixed.


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I think it's a good idea if you make the Elite Moderator free. Once he/she is the room moderator he/she has the discretion to kick out abusive/hacking players who are at play.

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